This is the beginning of a fearless and most curious journey. It’s not a travel blog and there is no map or definite destination. But there is a traveller.

Her name is Rosie.

Rosie is an unconventional, middle-aged mother of two, fierce and flawed and wild at heart. Sometimes she goes alone and sometimes she goes with friends, but always with her camera, a well-worn notebook and a ball point pen.

She’s on a great human adventure; a quest to meet humans from all walks of life, share their stories and step into their worlds.

On this journey, Rosie explores and champions our humanity and it’s ability to help us understand each other, bridge us and connect us despite our differences.

In a divided world fearful of ‘difference,’ Rosie (and friends) choose to focus on what it is to be ‘human,’ our common ground. Rosie chooses one human condition topic at a time and sets out to meet and learn from people with stories and experiences that will enlighten us, challenge us and perhaps, help us reflect and go forward towards living our best life.

Join Rosie and the Rosie goes community for an epic human adventure. Together we will explore, learn, grow and share our experiences of ‘being human.’

On the wing of a bird and with the North Star as her compass, there is only one thing Rosie knows for sure, to go forward in pursuit of humanKIND…

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The Tin Roof

Here is a poem that is as much about missing someone and not being able to reassure them of your love, as it is about surrendering to something you cannot control, but loving them anyway.

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Arrested in Ukraine

I was alone in Ukraine. A mother of 2, a blogger, a South African who does not speak a stitch of Ukrainian and who was travelling in a war zone with zero friends or connections! It was during those first couple days that I self-diagnosed myself as stark-raving mad, however that kind of thinking did…

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Bombs are falling, but love is strong

He took her hand for the first time. He was finally old enough to marry her. From then on, Alexander and Tatiana would walk together; again and again and again and even now, when their road is wounded with gaping holes, bombed and obliterated and no longer exists.

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