This big human adventure is just getting started. We’d love for you to come a long BUT FIRST, you must be warned that this will be no smooth ride. There will be twists and turns, tears and laughter. You will meet many people from all walks of life. You will walk down dark alley’s and through unfamiliar doors into worlds you knew nothing about. But as strange and new as it will feel, through the people you meet and the places you go, you will come to know the warm comfort of an old friend, ‘our humanness,’ your trusty companion throughout this journey.

Meet your driver. Her name is Rosie. She is an unconventional mother of two, somewhat rebellious and wild at heart. As well as exploring, she likes to write and she photographs a lot of things too!

Rosie – writer, photographer and explorer of our shared humanity. Also Driver.

What is the purpose of Rosie Goes?

To connect us through our shared humanity

This is a quest to fearlessly tune in to our humanity and speak its language. To ‘connect us’ through the life stories and experiences of people from all walks of life.

The Works of Being Human (Category)

On this journey, Rosie chooses one human condition at a time and explores and learns about it by seeking and sharing people’s life stories and experiences that are aligned with topic she is exploring.

Rosie’s Chronicles (Category)

In between going on some great human adventures and exploring our shared humanity, there is a lot of ‘life’ that happens. Rosie is on a journey herself and Rosie’s Chronicles is where she gets to just ‘be’ and share with you both the ugly and beautiful parts of her story, her experiences, thoughts and feelings.

About the Author

Lianne is the founder, writer and photographer for Rosie Goes.

Lianne is a writer and freelance photographer based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She has always been interested in how people live their lives and in their stories and experiences. Over the years, Lianne has lived in a number of different African countries and discovered her love for writing and photography during this time. Rosie Goes is a direct result of Lianne wanting to live authentically and to pursue a life that feels meaningful and with the purpose of connecting us through our humanity, celebrating our diversity and inspiring compassion and tolerance through understanding. During high school, Lianne acquired the nickname ‘Rosie.’ She can’t tell you exactly why she was given that name, but 25 years later, ‘Rosie’ made a comeback!