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Lianne Ashton is the writer and photographer for Rosie Goes.

Rosie Goes is at the beginning of its journey, though Lianne Ashton (founder) has a long history of blogging (Africa far and wide blog) and also works as a freelance photographer. Her focus up until now has been on travel and commercial photography within Africa, specifically the human side of agriculture. (see Lianne Ashton Photography)

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Photography Services

Lianne Ashton is a freelance photographer. Her work includes both commercial photography (focusing on African agriculture and hospitality) and Documentary photography. Lianne is a available to travel within South Africa and internationally. To see some of Lianne’s recent work, go to Lianne Ashton Photography


Lianne is available for short and long term documentary assignments for both marketing and editorial purposes. Depending on the subject, Lianne also offers her clients a written account of the assignment/experience.


Collaborate with Lianne and feature on the Rosie Goes ‘Discover’ Category. Do you have a unique establishment/experience/product/resource/skill that may benefit the Rosie Goes community and that is aligned with the Rosie Goes project?

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