Rosie Goes to Ukraine: Tonight we drive

Daniel Nove

This is Daniel doing his thing! This is a project that takes a fair bit of coordinating, planning and importantly, raising funds to purchase and transport food and essential supplies through to Ukraine for some of the thousands of displaced Ukrainians. This project is a private project that was initiated by a pair of friends who simply wanted to get involved and help. It seems strange that in a time of crisis and war, when our humanity is under direct attack – that it claws its way out through the cracks and grows bit by bit through acts of kindness and support from strangers, how it gives life to unity and belonging. How all our differences become completely irrelevant in a time of war, and instead our shared humanity brings us together and brings us strength in the darkest of times. This is when despite the destruction, fear and uncertaintity that prevails, our human spirit grows and gets stronger and carries us through…

Rosie Goes…

Please support Daniel and Patrik’s Go Fund me account for the next trip into Ukraine. This weekend I’m joining them. We are leaving tonight and will arrive in Ukraine late tomorrow evening. Tonight we drive to the Czech Republic where we will do the shopping for this trip. We will also pick up Patrik. Then we drive through Slovakia and into Ukraine, arriving very late on a Saturday night. The great news is that the curfew has been lifted from 11pm to 5pm to no curfew. This will take some of the pressure off to get there quickly. From there, I will be staying in Ukraine but Daniel, Patrik and a few others will be transporting 40 dogs and cats back to Germany where they will be reunited with their Ukrainian owners. Watch this space!

It’s all really starting to feel real! I have no idea what to expect but I know that it will affect me deeply. I am going to keep you updated as much as possible and will hopefully help bring Ukraine and what the Ukrainians are experiencing closer to home. Please share this with anyone you think may be interested in following this journey. Your support is a great help!

And last but not least, let’s help Daniel and Patrik fill the mini man! Here is their Go Fund Me account.

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