The Tin Roof

Here is a poem that is as much about missing someone and not being able to reassure them of your love,
as it is about surrendering to something you cannot control, but loving them anyway. 

The Tin Roof

Tin roof with a gaping hole,
What luck do you have today?

The wind is blowing
and a boy is sleeping, 
dreaming of better days.

Curled up in a corner, 
The wind is threatening rain,
You ache to protect him and to hold him once again.

But the wind is getting stronger,
Oblivious to your pain.
It does not see the child, 
It does not see his pain.

It shouts and it threatens and it keeps love at bay.
It huffs and it puffs in support of a cursed name.
It blows, it brings rain, it throws stones of every shame.
Blind to a full story,
The flying monkey in a game.

The boy wakes from his dream
as rain begins to fall.
Cold, wet and alone, 
The wind did not bring change,
No change at all.

Tin roof with a gaping hole,
What luck do you have today?

No luck at all, with the wind that howls 
and the heavy rain that falls
Only a dream that with time
this boy will stand tall
and will wake one morning,
and hear my call.

And if the nights seem dark,
He’ll look up at the old tin roof,
He’ll see the stars, 
He will see the light,
Guardians of the night,
And he’ll know, from deep within,
The infinite love that has always belonged to him. 
- By Rosie Goes

Rosie Goes©2022

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